CLA1-TF : Turbine Flow meter

CLA1-TF : Turbine Flow meter

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Cirrus – CLA1-TF- Turbine flow meters – are full SS construction flow meters with turbine rotor construction. Turbine flow meter works on quantitative measurement by means of a rotating fins and rotor turbine assembly. Due to moving liquid, the turbine fins inside the meter rotates on its shaft and bearing assembly thus causing entire rotor to rotate. Each rotation of rotor fin assembly is designed for a fixed amount of liquid volumetric quantity, which is measured by a electronic pickup mechanism fitted on the meter housing. The number of rotation of rotor is measured and calculated by a processor to give an exact flow rate and quantitative totalized flow passing through the meter. These digital type flow meters are efficient economical flow measuring meters, most suitable for major liquids including water, non-conductive liquids, DM water, oil, water, milk, beverages, juices, lubricant oil, coolants, chemicals etc.

Application:  Water, oil, juices, beverages, raw water, RO water, DM water, food grade liquids, certain chemicals etc.

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