Electromagnetic Flow meter : CLA1-MF

Electromagnetic Flow meter : CLA1-MF

Cirrus Engineering manufactures Electromagnetic flow meter or simply magnetic flow meters, operates on Faraday’s law of electromagnetism to measure flow of conductive liquids. These flow meters efficiently measure liquid flow rate & converts it into 4-20mA output electrical current signal.

magnetic-flow-meter-cirrus-cla1mf235729Battery powered magnetic flowmeter (Integral)cirrus magnetic flow meter

Magnetic flow meter is classified into two main models:

Integral type  – LCD display transmitter unit is mounted on the flow sensor housing.

Two part type – LCD display transmitter unit is separate wall mounted type & is connected to the flow sensor with special cable.

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Cirrus Electromagnetic flow meter are available for various applications including sewage, effluent, water, chemicals etc. These magnetic flow meters are available in various liner & electrode construction with choice of integral display unit or remote type display unit.
Magnetic flow meter consists of a hollow cylindrical shaped main flow sensing unit, made of non-conductive alloy material, its inner surface is lined with suitable insulation material. Two sensing electrodes are placed diagonally opposite to each other. When excitation signals are given to these electrodes, a magnetic field with a magnetic flux (B), is generated in the direction vertical to the measuring pipe sensor.
These flow meters inherits the quality of being non-clog operational feature and with no-moving parts. Hence the working efficiency and longevity of these flow meters are better than many flow meters. These can be used in stuffy sewage waste water, raw water, beverages, pulp liquids, chemicals, many acids, liquids with solid contents etc. These flow meters are often go friendly in r areas like STP, ETP liquids, and effluents where a need of non-clog flow meter with accuracy and ease of working is required for pollution free environment.

Application:  Water, Sewage, Effluent, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Industrial waste, Pulp, Solid mixed liquids, Acids, Juices, ETP, STP etc.


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