CLA3 : Indicator & Temperature Controller

CLA3 : Indicator & Temperature Controller

Cirrus – CLA3- Process Indicators are used to indicate measured process values of different transmitters & sensors into LED digit display. These indicators are suitable for display of parameters of pressure, Level, flow, temperature etc. Indicator converts 4-20 mA / other input signals of process transmitters into linear LED display with standard display in 0-100% of input 4-20 mA. Various optional configurations are available with relay outputs & auxiliary 12 V DC / 24 V DC power supply outputs for measuring transmitters. The indicator is suitable for 4 wire & 2 wire transmitters. Standard models have display unit in percentage (0-100%) of the input signal. Other process specific display units such as in mm, meter, kg/cm2 etc. available in customized models. Indicators with relay outputs can be used for further controlling of various devices. The set points of these relays are adjustable by turn pots on front side of indicator. Higher customized version models are also available with 2 display segments for displaying dual input signals or displaying set values etc.

Cirrus -CLA3- Temperature Controllers – features controlling & temperature display functions. Standard controllers are available in single window LED display & relay outputs, with various temperature sensor inputs such as thermocouples (B/R/S/K/JE/T), RTD (Pt100), DC Voltage & DC current inputs from temperature transmitters. Display unit is segmented LED type with number of digits composed as per the display range. The controllers display temperature in Deg C & also have optional potential free relay set point outputs for controlling. The relays are set from the front. Controllers are panel mounted & available in many standard sizes even with double display windows for differential measurement or when optional set value display is required. Other models with universal temperature inputs & different relay operations are available as per application requirement. Ideally suited for temperature measurement & controlling these are well used in temperature controlling of – heaters, liquid temperature controlling, ovens, heat exchanger, ducts, heating oil, condensate etc..

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