Level Controller (panel mounted): CLA3-PLC

Level Controller (panel mounted): CLA3-PLC

Cirrus Engineering manufactures Level controller CLA3-PLC these are versatile used digital panel Mounted type Level Indicator Controller, for 4 point level indications with controlling relay outputs. These controllers can be used with additional Cirrus level sensor probes or level switches which are available in different models and construction. These Indicators are used to indicate 4 levels inside any tank or open pit.
These are inherited with ease of installation on any existing panel’s front door after making a suitable cutout on the door and features like 4 independent relay outputs for 4 different levels, pump control relay output and buzzer with reset button for HH & LL levels. The level indicator controllers are available in different models with relay outputs for pump controlling & level indication upto 4 set points.
(# Please refer to various optional level sensor probes or level switches in our website under Level switch product range heading)

Applications : Water tanks, sewage pits, pump controlling, fire fighting tanks, raw water tanks etc.
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