CLI1 : Float & Chord Level Indicator

CLI1 : Float & Chord Level Indicator

Cirrus – CL1- Float & Chord Level Indicator indicators – are reliable & widely accepted mechanical means of measuring liquid Levels in small and large storage tanks. The Level of liquid can be physically read even from a greater distance, by noting the position of a pointer moving up and down on graduated scale boards marked in centimeters. The complete system consists of Pulley assembly, float, scale boards, pipes, red pointer, clamps, guide wires etc.

A float is installed inside the tank and is connected to a heavy red pointer on other end through a wire, which passes over a set of pulleys enclosed inside their housings. With increase in liquid Level, float moves up due to buoyancy effect causing the red pointer on other end of wire to slide down on the array of graduated scale boards installed vertically outside tank body. When liquid Level decreases inside the tank, float moves down due to its own weight & gravitational force, causing the red pointer to move up on top end of scale boards. Scales are marked in cms. in reverse order, zero Level marking on top and total tank height in cms. at bottom. Scale boards are made in sections and mounted on outside of tank body through their clamps. Versions are also available in PP construction for acidic application. Indicators are manufactured in different operating ranges as per tank heights for both Underground & Overhead tanks in either vertical or horizontal shapes.

Application:  Water storage tanks, oil, large liquid storage tanks, diesel, F.O., acids, chemicals, molasses, thinner, paint, condensate etc.

float & chord level indicator cirrus

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