CLI4 : Top Mounted Level Indicator

CLI4 : Top Mounted Level Indicator

Cirrus – CLI4- Top Mounted Pointer type Level Indicator- is one of the versatile & economical means of mechanical liquid level indication. Its easy working & construction makes it acceptable for many low cost efficient mode for physical level indication of various liquids.

The Indicator works on floating principal of a SS construction hollow float, thereby lifting a red colour pointer mounted on a rigid SS rod. The pointer assembly is encapsulated inside an transparent Acrylic tube. Complete unit is mounted at the top of the tank through its flange. With rise in liquid level inside the tank below, the float along with its SS rod & red pointer assembly rises inside the transparent tube. Thus the change of liquid level is visible inside the acrylic tube, by physical position of red pointer.

Application:  Water, diesel, washing tanks, acids, solvents, dye, juices, oil  etc.

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