RF Level Switch : CLS10

RF Level Switch : CLS10

Cirrus Engineering RF Admittance Level Switch CLS10 is one of the versatile used level switch for solid and liquid point level measurement control application. Its advance design and sensing electronic unit makes it suitable for sticky media, large hoppers and storage bins.

Its fail safe design and unique feature of shield coat guard technique, makes it immune to material build up & sticking on the probe or between the probe and storage tank walls. The switch is easily thread mounted on the tank and is highly reliable in operation, irrespective of the viscosity of media or its sticky tendency. Its best suitable for dusty environment, especially solid powders. The Switch operates on the basis of RF absorption measurement.

A relay output is obtained when the media comes in contact with the probe. The status of relay changes when media leaves the probe. Models with higher temperature are made in two part with remote switching assembly.

Application  : Solid powders, Sticky liquids, Cement, Sugar, Lime, Sand, Flour, Milk powder, Rice, Plastic granules, general dense liquid, Chemical, slurry, timber chips  etc.


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