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CLS2 : Conductivity Level Switch

CLS2 : Conductivity Level Switch

Cirrus – CLS2- Conductivity level switch –  is one of the economical ways to control level of conductive liquids.

Sensor is made of Stainless steel solid or SS flexible cable probes. Probes lengths are selected according to the depth of tanks & working span. Probes are immersed inside the liquid and senses the level when liquid makes contact with each probe at different levels. Sensor consists of a reference probe and other probes of different length for each level. Multiple probes can be used for controlling different levels inside a tank or open pit. A separate controller unit encloses controlling circuitry, level indication lamps & relay output, which can be used for pump controlling. High temperature version sensors are available with sheathed probes.

Application:  Water, waste water, chemical, condensate, coolant, pump dry running protection, ETP, STP etc.

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