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CLS3 : Side Mounted Level Switch

CLS3 : Side Mounted Level Switch

Cirrus – CLS – side mounted level switch – is one of the economical & reliable means of point liquid level detection in all type of vessels. Its magnetic operating principal & all stainless steel wetted part construction makes it suitable for almost all liquids. It requires no external electric power supply to operate.

Switch assembly consists of a weatherproof cast aluminium switch housing which encapsulates a magnetic microswitch mechanism inside it, a float on front side of SS flange is held on a magnetic lever arrangement. During liquid rise inside tank, float of the switch also rises due to buoyancy effect, thus causing magnetic lever to actuate a microswitch mechanism inside the housing, by which an SPDT potential free contact is achieved. This contact can be used to operate a pump or any device connected in series to it. Due to its all SS wetted parts & flange it is use in almost all liquids.

Application:  Water, condensate, juice, oil, chemical, beverages, milk, alcohol, furnace oil, petrochemical, edible oil etc.

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