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CLS5 :  Miniature Level Switch

CLS5 : Miniature Level Switch

Cirrus – CLS5- Miniature Long / bend / Hinge Level Switches – are widely used in places where size is constrained. Being compact in size these are used in small tanks & equipments. Hermitically sealed reed switches are enclosed inside the sensor stem, which are actuated by the magnetic floats.

Floats are specially designed to encapsulate permanent magnets inside them. These floats traverse up / down or tilt outside or on one side of the sensor stem. Contact of in-housed switches changes with movement of floats in correspond to rising/falling of liquid Level inside tank, thus giving potential free contact outputs. The sensors are custom made in top & side mounting versions in SS / PP construction. Top mounted models are available in single or multi-Level sensing types in various lengths. Side mounted versions are available in hinge or bend stem construction. The switches are available in variety of constructions, lengths & single or multipoint Level detection.

Application: water purifiers, DG sets, hydraulic power packs, small tanks of machineries, Chemicals, diesel, lube oil, condensate, petrochemical, acids, coolants etc.

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