Vibration Level Switch: CLS6

Vibration Level Switch: CLS6

Cirrus Engineering makes Vibration level switch model CLS6 which work on principal of vibration of tuning fork or vibrating rod.  These level switch find application in most liquids and solid applications. Due to its vibrating working these switches are often described as self-cleaning hence are more useful in applications where there are free flowing solids, dusty solids, ceramics, sand, sugar, dense liquids, milk powder and places where there is tendency of media to stick to the level switch.

Being easy to use, rugged, reliable and cost effective these are used in various industry. The level switch can be manufactured in standard vibration fork and rod or in customized greater length to suit side or top mounting application. Vibrating forks are made in SS316 material and gives relay output for controlling of pump, conveyor or feeding devices. One or more level switch can be mounted at the side of tank to obtain various level detection.

Application:  solid particles, ceramics, sand, pulses, rice, bran, husk, water, coolant, lime water, general liquids, powder, milk powder etc.

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