Top Mounted Level Switch : CLS7

Top Mounted Level Switch : CLS7

Cirrus Engineering manufacture top mounted level switch model CLS7 these are designed for mounting at the top of tanks or on top of external cages. These switches are made in SS304, SS316 construction with flange.

Due to rise of liquid Level inside tank or cage the float along with stroke rod of switch moves in upward direction, hence raising the attractor. Attractor thus on lifting operates a magnetic lever mounted inside the switch enclosure, resulting magnetic lever to come in contact with the attractor. Due to this movement of lever, a microswitch is actuated giving potential free contact output. On reverse, when liquid Level falls inside tank & cage, the stroke rod & attractor moves down thus breaking the magnetic field & releasing of the lever & deactivation of microswich. The switches are available in single & double acting mechanism.

Application: High pressure/temperature liquids, oil, pressure vessels, evaporators, HP / LP heaters, condensate tanks, oil tanks, boilers, economizer, chemicals etc.


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