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CLS9 – Displacer Level Switch

CLS9 – Displacer Level Switch

Cirrus – CLS9- Displacer Level Switches – are designed for mounting from top of the Vessels with internal working, in long operating range. The Displacer acting as the sensing medium allows for a wide range of switching differential and field adjustable switching.

Displacers are available in S.S. or Polypropylene and with suspension cable. The sensing hollow displacer float is suspended from a spring & cable assembly. When the liquid comes in contacts with the displacer, a buoyancy force is produced which causes the effective weight of the displacer to change, in turn causing the spring assembly in switch enclosure to seek a new balance position, which moves the attraction sleeve into the field of the magnet. This principle gives a wide switching differential and also a desired Level switching point can be obtained by moving the displacer up or down on the suspension cable. Further advantage is its use in high-pressure applications as the displacer have thicker wall thickness than conventional floats. Switches are available with single / multiple displacers and with optional still guide pipe.

Application: Water, pump controlling, acids, condensate, edible oil, large liquid storage tanks, ETP, STP etc.

displacer level switch

cirrus displacer level switch

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