Capacitance Level Transmitter : CLT3

Capacitance Level Transmitter : CLT3

Cirrus Engineering manufactures Capacitance Level Transmitter CLT3 which is a versatile & economical mode of measuring continuous liquid Level inside a tank or open pits. With ease of installation & various rod / flexible cable probe versions, this transmitter is suitable for long operating range.

Transmitter is classified into two versions – Sheathed probe version is suitable for conductive liquid and Un-sheathed probe version is suitable for non-conductive liquids. In both versions probes are available in solid rod or flexible cable rope construction. The transmitters works on capacitance technology, where tank, liquid & measuring probe together forms a capacitor. In Conductive liquids the measuring probe is covered with a sheath material forming an insulator. Tank along with liquid forms a reference probe & transmitter probe becomes main probe of capacitance thus formed. Dielectric value of insulator changes with change in liquid Level & hence the value of whole capacitance thus formed also changes. This change in capacitance value is converted into liquid Level by getting a linear current output of 4-20 mA. In case if tank is made of non- conductive material (such as RCC, plastic) then a reference probe is required along with main measuring probe.

Application:  Water, condensate, beverages, juices, benzene, Alcohol, Granules, free flowing solids, granules, Lime etc.


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