Magnetic Float Level Transmitter : CLT4

Magnetic Float Level Transmitter : CLT4

Cirrus Engineering manufactures Magnetic float Level transmitters CLT4 which are made for continuous Level measurement of liquids. Transmitter consists of array of magnetic sensors enclosed inside a sealed stem. A magnetic float traverses up and down between the operating range with the rise and fall of liquid Level. The magnetic float actuates the magnetic sensor circuitry inside the stem. The output value of array changes in corresponds to rise and fall of liquid Level, this output value of array is sensed by a transmitter circuitry which converts the signals into 4-20 mA current output proportional to the liquid Level inside tank. The transmitters are made in various lengths in SS or PP construction. Due to its easy mounting, different material of construction & reliable operation these transmitters are widely used for Level measurement of various liquids, including liquids having foam or fumes inside their storage thanks.

Application:  Water, diesel, chemicals, acids, oil, condensate, water, juices, soap solution, chemicals, dyes foaming solutions, food grade liquids etc.


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