Hydrostatic Level Transmitter : CLT5

Hydrostatic Level Transmitter : CLT5

Cirrus Engineering manufactures hydrostatic level transmitter known as hydra Sub level transmitter. These are submersible type hydrostatic Level transmitter are one of the accurate & efficient means of liquid Level measurement, application ranging from water to acidic medium over a long operating range. Features like easy to install, Submersible construction, long range and efficient working makes them one of the most acceptable continuous Level measurement instruments. Advantage it inherits is its easy installation from top or from a small opening on top side of the tank, making it easy to use in any shape of tanks or pit without emptying the tank or making any special mounting arrangement. Transmitter is simply hanged inside tank through its cable. Different versions are available for normal liquids, corrosive liquids, high temperature liquids & acids. The sensor transducer is enclosed in a liquid tight SS316 / PTFE housing and assembled to a liquid proof cable. Due to liquid static pressure inside the tank, transducer signal is converted into 4-20 mA (2 wire) output in correspond to liquid Level accurately. In case of Acid version transducer (CLT5-ST), complete transmitter including transducer and cable is made of PTFE, which can withstand variety of corrosive environment with minimal maintenance and care.

Application:  Water, dams, reservoirs, deep well, DM water, clean liquids, corrosive liquids, acids like Sulphuric acid, HCL etc.


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