Magnetic Bi-Colour Level Indicator & Transmitter : CLT6

Magnetic Bi-Colour Level Indicator & Transmitter : CLT6

Cirrus Engineering manufactures Magnetic Bi Colour Level Indicator CLT6 it is an efficient way to measure Level of liquids, wherein indication display mechanism does not come in direct contact with the liquid media. Liquid whose Level is to be measured, passes through a top or side mounted chamber (of stainless steel or PP), which withholds a special designed cylindrical magnetic float as per the density of said liquid.

The magnetic float traverse up & down inside the chamber due to rise & fall of liquid Level inside tank. A bi-colour indicator strip is externally mounted outside the chamber, which is made of a series of sealed half red & half white dual coloured magnetized rollers or flappers positioned horizontally at their rotating bushes. Traverse motion of magnetic float inside the chamber causes a magnetic field at that point, which in turn makes the bi-colour rollers to rotate on their axis due to reverse magnetic polarity, thus changing their colour state from white to red during liquid rising/float moving up & vice versa red to white during liquid Level falling/float moving down inside the tank.
These red/white rollers are visible from distance hence giving a good indication visibility. Indicator’s unique operating mechanism makes it suitable for most liquids, since indication portion never comes in direct contact with the media. With liquid moving safely inside a chamber, it avoids any possibility of spillage due to breakage or indication portion getting less visible with time. High temperature & pressure versions are made with titanium floats. These indicators can be used for Level controlling with optional controlling switches. These switches are magnetically operated by the float & are adjustable mounted outside the chamber by clamp arrangement. More than one switch can be used for achieving different Level set points. They require no external power to operate & give potential free contact.
Optional transmitter with 4-20 mA output is also available. The transmitter is a circuitry in-housed inside a solid rod probe. The transmitter rod probe is clamped outside the chamber. The circuitry activates due to magnetic flied of float thus giving a continuous Level indication.

Application:  Condensate, high temperature/pressure liquids, alkali, dyes, chemicals, acids, boiler, water, coloured liquids, food grade liquids, acids, HP/LP heaters, oil, diesel etc.


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