Flange Mounted Level Transmitter : CLT7

Flange Mounted Level Transmitter : CLT7

Cirrus Engineering manufactures flange mounted Level Transmitter CLT7 employs use of smart Level transmitter construction for accurate measurement of Liquid Level inside a tank. It’s all stainless steel wetted sensing parts & diaphragm makes it suitable for most liquids. The transmitter is available in two flanged process connection variants & is compact in size.

Working principle is based on static pressure measurement of liquid in compensation with atmospheric pressure & computing it into units of Level vide 4-20 mA DC current output. The static pressure of liquid inside the tank changes in respect to change in Level of liquid, sensor diaphragm senses this pressure accurately & sends signals to the transmitter amplifier module for processing it into linear analogue output. The high end of transmitter has a SS sensing membrane diaphragm, displacement of which changes proportionally to the change in liquid static pressure. Low end side of transmitter is made reference to the atmospheric pressure. Zero & span of transmitter can be adjusted as per span range adjustability. Its feature inherits no moving part, easy installation, Level measurement of liquids in closed & open tanks, accurate, quick response etc. For small tanks & clean liquid applications, models are available in slender tube thread mounting construction with integral cable, these can be used in diesel tanks, water, oil etc.

Application:  Water, Oil, dense liquids, soap solution, chemicals, condensate, beverages, juices, solvents, pharmaceutical, lye, slurries, paper slurries etc.


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