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CLT9 : Radar Level Transmitter

CLT9 : Radar Level Transmitter

Cirrus – CLT9- Radar Level transmitter – are Contact & non-contact level measurement devices based on radar principle. These level transmitters are available in 26 GHz & 6.8 GHz. frequency models. These transmitters offer a long range, rough environment working adaptability. They can work in larger tank depth, open area, media with dense fumes, dust, high temperature, pressure and difficult conditions. Best usage find applications like cement silos, ceramic storage tanks, coal bunkers, hydrology Dam forebay level measurement, canal level measurement, chemicals, acids, high temperature liquids, slurries, oil storage tanks, liquids with foam etc.
These transmitters are advanced, highly accurate, rugged working constructed and give a high performance output. Available in various non-contact versions with SS horns or PTFE antennas for smaller to very larger depth. Contact versions are available in coaxial cable, single cable construction for various liquids are solid applications.

Application:  Corrosive Liquids, Slurries, Solids, Coal, dusty media, liquids with foam, condensate, hot liquids, Cements, Acids, Silos, storage bunkers etc.

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