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CPT1 : Pressure Transmitters

CPT1 : Pressure Transmitters

Cirrus – CPT1- Pressure transmitters – are compact, accurate, general purpose, economical version of fixed range industrial pressure transmitters. Packed with high performance sensing feature and efficient amplified electronic unit, these transmitters give an excellent price/performance ratio. Transmitters are made of stainless steel enclosure, SS wetted parts & SS diaphragm as its core sensing element & are available with 2-wire current output. Measuring principle is that the pressure to be measured acts on a measuring element cell connected to piezoresistive sensors & electronics unit, which converts pressure into current output. The transmitters are available in wide measuring range & widely used in industrial pressure measurement of fluids. Different models are available for high temperature & viscous applications.

Application: Hydraulic oil, water, compressed air, OEM machinery, liquid pressure tanks, hydraulic units, coolants, steam, viscous liquids etc.

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