Reflex & Transparent Level Gauge: CLG1&2

Reflex & Transparent Level Gauge: CLG1&2

reflex level gauge

Cirrus Engineering manufactures Reflex level gauge & transparent level gauge CLG1, CLG2 these Reflex & transparent Level gauge are widely used for liquid Level measurement in Low / High pressure vessels & Boilers. These gauges are rugged, sturdy, have low initial cost & gives easy Level reading by viewing the position of liquid through glasses.

A square shaped chamber is uniformly machined to have one or more windows on which clear Toughened Borosilicate flat glass is fitted in each window with U-Bolts, gasket & Cover plates. The chamber is connected to integral bonnet isolation Valves for shut-off the liquid flow. Gauge is connected to vessel through various flange / threaded connections. These are manufactured in different material of construction as CS/SS304/SS316/PP/ASTMA105 etc. for normal & high pressure & temperature liquids, with accessories like safety check valves, Mica shields, illuminators, drain valves etc. & are also available in IBR versions for Boilers. Each Level gauge has a pair of isolation valves for liquid inlet flow closing. Due to their sturdy design & wide range of temperature & pressure operation, these are widely used in major industries.

Application: Condensate tanks, Boilers, Pressure vessels, Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, solvents, Coolants, High temperature/pressure liquid storage tanks, lube oil, acids etc.


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